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Us to US, a voluntary work organization, is an affiliate of the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the United States. Us to US is looking for positive change through embracing an effective & positive personality.

We Deliver on our commitments via:

  • Collaboration with others
  • Demonstration of professionalism at it highest level.

By Doing so we will ensure delivering a high quality projects that are characterized by its high impact

We are a student-based organization dedicated to empower students achieving a positive social impact in the society that has incubated them. We pursue this mission by providing a platform for voluntary work activities through which we:

  • Foster collaboration
  • Provide mentoring & guidance
  • Build volunteers’ capabilities

Our organization envisions its success when:

  • Voluntary work becomes a habit
  • Understanding of the others becomes a culture
  • Hand in hand spreads positive spirit and creates favorable impact in societies

Our values are part of our core work. They guide the way we work with our organization and partners within USA community and among our volunteers.

Through collaboration, commitment, positivity, proactiveness, productivity, professionalism, we will achieve a favorable social impact.

We provide mentorship & guidance to have a better voluntary work performance.

We go beyond serving our Saudi community to serve others’ communities.

We consider project performers are our partners.

We value individual as as a team player.

We believe in Impact as an indicator to characterize our projects.

Symbolism of Us to US logo

It is the literal translation that our activity would:

Us: Means collaborative in its form

to US: Focused on US society as a thanks note incubating us