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The Outstanding UsMember Award for the Month, January, 2016 is:
Manar Hannawi

Position: Marketing and Public Relations Specialist

Biography: أناقة الروح ورُقيها تتمثل في تلك المشاعر النبيلة التي تغمرنا حين نتجاوز في أعمالنا مرحلة الواجب إلى مرحلة التطوع والعطاء المجاني


Dear Outstanding UsMember,

Us to U.S organization would like to congratulate you on your achievement of winning the Team Member of the Month Award for the month of Jan Save uary, 2016. The way you have performed throughout last month shows your hard work, your  sincerity, perseverance and diligence. The organization has taken a note of and appreciates your high level proficiency in handling the tasks assigned to you, your craving for perfection,your communication skills and your humble behavior with all the staff members.
– Us to U.S Administration

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