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Here at under the supervision of the Saudi Cultural Mission in the U.S. we are striving to organize the third festival for volunteer work; it will be the largest International students festival of its kind here in America. Thru this festival we aim to unite the efforts of hundreds of volunteers for a single goal in order to make the greatest positive impact in their community thus conveying the true colors of the actively caring student. This will allow the shy students to break through their shells and shine bright, creating a beautiful atmosphere and window of opportunity to work in their community and share knowledge.

By coordinating between the Saudi student clubs at Universities across the U.S. and several American nonprofit organizations many programs will be developed in a set standard and time. We estimate over a thousand volunteers accumulating over five thousand hours of community service through this first event alone. We need not mention all the benefits to companies and organizations through this work that will be conducted in a professional manor, and volunteers will be able to refine hone their skills as well, conveying their vision to all those they come in contact with, hand in hand we will achieve a better tomorrow for both countries.

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